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Organic Demerara Sachet

Real Organic Demerara sugar

Product of Costa Rica

FSSC 22000 certificate

Organic Certificate

Pesticide free

GMO free

Halal certificate

Source of energy and natural sweetener

For cooking, baking and in beverages or as an ingredient for industrial purposes

Net weight 500 g

CRC 0.00
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Our Demerara Organic Taboga sugar is an unrefined, unbleached and undyed sugar, obtained from a natural process where the sugar cane is grown with organic fertilizers, biological pest control and harvest without burning, which preserves the nutritional qualities, preserves the soil and the environment, a process that is certified as organic with international recognition.

The manufacturing process of Organic Demerara Taboga allows only organic ingredients during the industrial process and is also certified for organic production with international recognition.

The Demerara Organic Taboga sugar crystals are developed in several stages in the “tachos”, a process that must be done slowly and carefully, achieving larger and crunchier crystals.

Its golden yellow color is incorporated into the interior of the crystals and is defined once they are separated by means of the centrifugation process, with a film of honey that remains impregnated on their external faces.

Demerara Organic Taboga sugar is much tastier and more nutritious than any refined sugar, since it provides the nutrients of molasses, including minerals such as iron, potassium, magnesium or calcium, which makes it more natural and of higher quality.

Taboga's products are certified Essential Costa Rica, Bonsucro, Kosher, Halal, ISCC, USDA Organic, FSSC 22000, Bandera Azul Ecológica Costa Rica and our quality assurance laboratory has accredited analyzes under the INTE ISO / IEC17025: 2017 standard.

In our sachets you will find ease to sweeten drinks like coffee, tea and chocolate.

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