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When Hacienda Taboga started in 1916, its founder, Julio Sánchez Lépiz (1862-1934), had a profound feeling towards the wellbeing of his employees and the community. These values have been the foundation for Taboga’s current Corporate Social Responsibility policies. Our corporate social responsibility focuses on the wellbeing of our employees and neighboring communities not only to provide work and development, but also to carry out different activities for improving people’s quality of life.

Cleaning of the Bebedero River (March 19, 2021)

World Water Day was celebrated with the Bebedero yo te protejo (I protect Bebedero) project by organizing a big campaign to clean the Blanco and Bebedero rivers by picking up common and recoverable waste with the help of over 70 volunteers from the communities of Bebedero, Cañas and Bebedero, Bagaces.

Donation of Textbooks to the Hacienda Taboga School

Based on our commitment to children’s learning, Taboga donated 37 “Libros para todos” (Books for Everyone) textbook bundles to the students from different grade levels at the Hacienda Taboga School. The purpose is to help children acquire quality educational resources, allowing for the continuity of their learning within the technological limitations that have been found during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Donation of Construction Materials for People with Special Medical Conditions from the Community

The donation of materials is for improving the infrastructure of their homes in order to enhance their quality of life by supplying cement bags, plywood sheets, sand, stone, doors and furniture.

Instructional Workshop on Forest Fire Prevention

Based on our commitment to children’s comprehensive education, Taboga planned a lecture and workshop about forest fire prevention in conjunction with the Fire Control Office from the National System of Conservation Areas. The children met Toño Pizote and learned about the teamwork of a forest brigade, and they also had the chance to wear fire resistant clothing.
The children also received education resources such as posters and brochures about forest fire prevention.

COVID-19 Disinfection Campaign

Taboga, in partnership with the Municipality of Cañas, disinfected the community of Bebedero. This was carried out as a preventive Covid-19 action by disinfecting common areas such as sidewalks, bus stops, handrails among other places.

Donation of Sanitation Products to Organizations

Based on our commitment to prevent COVID-19 cases, Taboga has donated liquid and gel alcohol-based sanitizing products to institutions and organizations such as the Red Cross, the Costa Rican Social Security Administration, firefighters, schools, high schools, clinics, nursing homes, development associations, sports committees and people with dialysis. .

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