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The cajeta de coco is one of the traditional desserts of Costa Rican cuisine, and it is also one of the favorites of many dessert lovers. This is a dessert that is as simple as it is delicious, and it is ideal for decorating any event table; the best of all is that it can be easily prepared at home. This dessert and its incredible flavor, plus other delicacies of Costa Rican gastronomy, is one of the fundamental pillars of the Costa Rican identity.


Dare to taste the Caribbean with the unique touch that distinguishes this cajeta from other desserts prepared with this unique fruit.


Although there are countless recipes for making cajetas de coco, today we bring a practical and simple way that will surprise all your guests.


Learn how to prepare this dessert step by step, and don't forget to share this recipe. Let's get started!

Cajeta de coco

Coconut Fudge


- 1 ½ cup of whole milk

- 500 g Blend Coconut tropical sugar



Stir both ingredients until a well-combined mixture is obtained. The mixture will begin to thicken as it boils. Once the cajeta separates from the walls of the pot and reaches the desired thickness, remove from heat.


Once off the heat, let the cajeta cool until it is warm and shape into small balls; then place them in paper capsules. You can also cover your hands with shredded coconut when shaping the balls to add even more coconut.


Our Cajetas de Coco are now ready!

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